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About us

Makeup meets skincare

When Erborian (translated as "Oriental Herbs“) launched in 2007, our goal was simple: to create innovative and impactful products that enrich your routine, whilst simultaneously ensuring you get the best out of your skin, all in the least amount of steps—from your morning moisturiser to your nightly cleanse and everything in-between.

Years later our core values remain unchanged. We aim to provide you with unique and easy-to-use products that promise to always put you and your skin first. We’ve created hybrid products that perfectly combine skincare and makeup, like our iconic BB and CC Creams.


Your skin has more potential than you may think!

At Erborian, we believe that your skin deserves so much more than just being covered up; we are convinced that loving your skin is one of the first steps towards greater self-confidence. We promise to help you rediscover your skin and love it unconditionally.

This is your skin, be proud of it.

To help you love your skin, we want to go even further, beyond our products. We want to show real skin on our social networks and in our communication campaigns. For this reason, our campaign visuals are not digitally altered, to focus on the natural beauty of all types of skin, and real results.

Being kind to your skin also means being kind to you. Erborian wants to act today for a safer internet and world.


1. Immediate results & active ingredients proven to benefit your skin in each of our products

2. Complete safety in all our formulas 

3. Ease and pleasure in every step of your routine

All our ingredients are carefully chosen to ensure the best for your skin, at every stage of your routine.

We know it's what's on the inside that matters

Never ever tested on animals

Our products are tested on real people for real results. That’s why we know you’ll love them now and later. We also formulate our products to be gluten free, but know that packages could come in contact with traces of gluten during their shipping journey to you.

Leaving out the nasties

✕ No Sulfates (SLS + SLES)
✕ No Parabens
✕ No Formaldehydes & forama-releasing agents
✕ No Phthalates Retinyl Palmitate
✕ No Oxybenzone
✕ No Coal Tar
✕ No Hydroquinone
✕ Triclosan & Triclocarban

Discover our formulas

We know you want to understand what's in your products, and you should. We're committed to developing the best possible formulas! 

All of our products meet the highest quality and safety standards for health. Each of our formulations is regulated by European standards (considered to be the strictest in the world) and follow a demanding and transparent process, from the choice of our ingredients to the design of our finished products.

Transparency is key, and we want to make sure you understand the benefits of each ingredient used in our formulas.



Whether natural or synthetic, each ingredient is incorporated for a specific reason: from the result on your skin, to the texture of the product... nothing is left to chance.

We use only essential ingredients to meet our formulation commitments, nothing else. All ingredients that studies have shown to be potentially harmful are automatically excluded from our formulas.