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Say Hello to BB Skin! 

This beauty essential is a  smart combination of skincare and makeup: it melts on the skin, moisturises your face, and helps to even out and mattify the complexion while giving a non-oily, velvety finish. Imperfections seem to disappear and your skin's texture looks refined. It feels supple and silky, just like baby skin.

This hybrid product is the #1 secret of perfect skin for Korean! In 1 simple gesture, say hello to a unified and flawless complexion! 

But that's not all! The BB Cream also offers SPF 20 UV protection. 

BB CRÈME is making its ON THE GO revolution with BB CRAYONS, a new way to bring the BB CRÈME’s coverage and hydratation that’s just as effective, just as nourishing for skin while evening out its tone.

BB CRÈME & BB CRAYON are two texture propositions, two different formats for the same perfect complexion objective.

It’s the art of masking imperfections and evening out skin tone, the certainty of obtaining a velvety skin effect without a « cakey » feeling.

Our Ginseng BB Cream and BB Crayon are available in four shades, from the lightest to the darkest: Clair, Nude, Doré and Caramel

It suits all kind of skin even sensitive ones. 


Your BB Skin Allies

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