BB Cream vs Foundation: what are the alternatives to foundation? BB Cream vs Foundation: what are the alternatives to foundation?

BB Cream vs Foundation: what are the alternatives to foundation?

Differences between BB Cream, CC Cream and Foundation

All complexion products serve a common purpose: they help to even out the skin and perfect it, to reveal a smooth flawless face. With that in mind and tons of options down the makeup aisles, it is easy to get lost when surrounded by this sea of alternatives. In fact, when it comes to finding the perfect match for your skin type this variety can make things hard! Not to mention, there are different types of foundation range in coverage from light to heavy, but also many alternatives to foundation such as BB cream and CC cream offering different textures and colours as well!
Have you ever wondered what foundation, BB cream and CC cream share in common? Here is everything you need to know to discern their similarities and differences.

Are BB cream and CC cream good alternatives to foundation?

Foundation, BB cream, CC cream… These tinted creams all enhance the appearance of the skin by concealing blemishes and preparing it for makeup. Moreover, they all offer a multitude of shades to adapt to any skin tone easily.
But while the three of them share common benefits and goals, each formula bears some striking differences.

BB cream vs Foundation

The first main difference lies in coverage: foundation is ahead of BB cream in covering up imperfections completely and to leave a blurring finish. Thanks to its heavier texture, it is also the best bet for long-lasting makeup. However, even though foundations are available in a wide range of coverage options, you will need to turn to BB creams if you want to steer clear of heavy formulas, without sacrificing on coverage. Lighter than foundations but thicker than CC Creams, BB Creams could be seen as the best of both worlds. Not only do they even out the complexion and conceal blemishes efficiently but they also leave a natural finish with a "peachy soft skin" effect. 
Besides this, they combine skincare and makeup to moisturise and nourish the skin helping it to preserve its natural barrier all day long. 
Some of them, such as our Super BB, can even contain anti-acne ingredients such as salicylic acid or niacinamide to address acne and clear imperfections.
Read our article to find out which BB cream is best for you!

CC cream vs Foundation

CC creams are also hybrid products, combining makeup and skincare. Lighter in texture than BB creams, they can be used both as an alternative to foundation with a nude finish or as a colour-correcting primer underneath BB cream or foundation.
CC creams generally have colour correcting qualities; they are particularly suitable to even out hyperpigmentation and redness, or to revive complexion. Thanks to their skin care benefits, they can also soothe blemishes and enhance the complexion day after day.

Which texture and shade for my skin

Whether you go for foundation, BB cream or CC cream, the best way to find the right shade is to try the product on your skin: lay out a small amount of the product on your jawline and smooth it on until it disappears. If it doesn’t, try another shade.

For the texture, always refer to your skin type :

- If you have normal skin: your choice between foundation, BB cream or CC cream, as well as their texture, will depend on the finish you want to obtain and more generally on your personal preferences. 

- If you have sensitive to dry skin: choose a tinted cream with a hydrating or nourishing formula. In that case, BB creams can be a good option as they are generally packed with moisturising ingredients to help replenish and restore your skin.

- If you have combination, oily or acne prone skin: you had better opt for a lightweight coverage with a matte finish containing active ingredients that would help you get rid of imperfections. A BB cream for blemish-prone skin enriched with ingredients to clear skin could be the right move. In addition, you can use a CC cream to even out and soothe redness.

How to get flawless skin without makeup

If you are wondering how to look naturally beautiful without tinted cream, our bare skin perfector is made for you! Skin Hero is a non-tinted cream that illuminates the skin while making it feel soft and hydrated immediately.
It also enhances the appearance of your bare skin day after day: in just 7 days, your skin looks smoother and the complexion looks more even!

Ready to enhance your natural beauty? Have you made up your mind yet? :)