Enter the world of body makeup : Enter the world of body makeup :

Enter the world of body makeup :

Everything you need to know about body foundation

Although body makeup has been used for years to cover up scars and tattoos, it still seems to be uncharted territory for many of us when it comes to giving our body skin a more even-looking tone and texture and a healthy glow. Body foundation is your best ally to simply make your skin smoother and glow, whether it is for a special occasion or for daily use. Besides this, some body makeup products also offer all-in-one formulas that hydrate and nourish the skin all day long.

Keep scrolling to start your body foundation journey; we have you covered, from neck to toe. :)

What is body makeup?

With body makeup, there’s no need to focus only on the beauty of a small fraction of your skin or waste the whole tube of your favourite tinted product trying to cover up imperfections on your neck, chest, arms or legs. Specifically formulated for this use, these kinds of foundation-like products make a world of difference as they can offer your entire body the same extra glow you treat your face with: they perfectly colour match complexion and adhere to the skin without ruining your outfit. Moreover, some body makeup, such as our CC Body, can also combine skincare and coverage to efficiently moisturise the skin while evening out its tone and improving its texture instantly. A true hybrid product!

Why should I use body makeup?

No doubt the beauty routine you have built makes you feel better about yourself: By creating an overall smooth-looking skin tone, body makeup could represent a further step toward feeling fully confident. :)

Body foundation is ideal in getting flawless skin and a golden glow without self-tanning or waiting for summer to come back. Whether it is for a date night, a wedding or just on an everyday basis, body makeup is what you need if you want your chest, back, arm and leg tone to better match your face in no time, without feeling sticky on the skin and transferring to clothes.

If you want to relieve and prevent dry skin at the same time, choose a hybrid body makeup: With one effortless application, the moisturising ingredients it contains boost hydration throughout the day, smoothing skin tone and texture instantly as well.

That is CC Body promise: all the perfecting magic of Erborian’s CC Cream, designed for the entire body. Thanks to its encapsulated pigments that melt on contact with the skin, this all-in-one body makeup and skincare adapts to a wide range of skin tones to reveal a more even complexion and skin texture immediately, with a healthy glow and  no sticky feel or product transfer.

Enriched with Centella Asiatica and glycerine, it helps soothe and hydrate for more comfortable skin until the end of the day.

How to apply body makeup

Depending on the body makeup texture, you can either use a body foundation brush or your fingers. If the product is as light as CC Body, you should prefer using your fingers, just as you would apply a body cream. That way, the pigments will melt more easily into your skin, without a trace.

Even though body foundation products are mostly developed to ensure that they won’t transfer to clothes, it's important that you wait a few minutes before dressing to make sure your body makeup dries completely.

At the end of the day, remove your body makeup with your usual body wash in the shower.

That’s right, putting pantyhose out of business is no more complicated than that. :)