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Brand and products

Marques & produits description

  • We never ever test our products on animals. Our products are tested on real people for real results. That’s why we know you’ll love them now and later.

  • Erborian draws inspiration from the Korean herbal traditions.

    We thrive to be as natural as possible, with the best mix between scientific modern technologies and natural ingredients, to offer the best skin-friendly cosmetics products.

    All of our key natural actives follow a strict traceability from their sourcing to our finished products. We avoid mineral oils, we try to minimize our preservatives, and we do not use any parabens in our preservative system.

  • Preservatives are molecules to fight against microbiological contamination of cosmetic formulas.

    Most of the formulas need it to be used under normal conditions (storage in a bathroom, everyday contact with the hands of the user).

    We don’t use any parabens in our preservatives system today and we try to minimize our preservatives, still by offering the best possible safety for our customers for 3 years after our manufacturing date.

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