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CC Cream & BB Cream

Still trying to unlock K-beauty's most treasured skincare secret? It lies in a clever combination of skin care and makeup. That’s why Erborian designed its inconic BB Cream and CC Cream, two high-tech and easy to use perfecting-creams to help you embrace your natural beauty. While BB Cream works like a tinted moisturiser that conceals imperfections for a velvety finish, CC Cream acts like a colour-correcting cream that evens out the complexion for radiant skin.

BB Cream & CC Cream

If you want your skin to have the perfect complexion without looking like you are wearing makeup, BB cream and CC cream are for you! One-part makeup and one-part skincare, BB cream and CC cream are where instant results and long-term care meet. Packed with powerful and skin-loving ingredients, they improve the look of your skin instantly and its health day after day: the perfect balance between pigmentation cream to help even out your complexion and moisturiser to preserve your natural beauty. BB cream and CC cream combine everything your skin needs to naturally look more even and luminous. However, while both are perfect for a minimal make-up look and share many common characteristics, BB cream and CC cream are not quite the same: let’s find out which one is the best for you!

The main difference between BB cream and CC cream lies in coverage. While BB Cream is a good and lighter alternative to foundation, CC cream offers an even lighter coverage to cancel out and fight hyperpigmentation, redness or any discoloration. It is a skincare-centric makeup that covers and neutralizes blemishes. To ensure our CC Cream matches your skin to perfection, it is available in several shades. Discover the tone which looks most like yours!

For its part, BB cream is “THE” Korean beauty secret to protect your skin, conceal blemishes and mattify complexion with a velvety finish. It moisturises and corrects the appearance of the skin, providing a natural "peachy soft skin" effect. If you want your skin to look smooth, with no imperfections, and without wearing heavy foundation, BB cream is the perfect choice. Available in four shades!

Whether you are a makeup expert or a novice, BB cream and CC cream have become essential in every makeup collection!
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