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Your surprising beauty ally!

Korean women always get it right when it comes to taking care of their skin, and have long used charcoal in their beauty rituals. 

This "magical" ingredient, which you'll find in several Erborian products, is known for its detoxifying, purifying and mattifying properties.

Charcoal is renowned for being relentlessly tough on excess sebum, making it a life-saver for oily skin. Thanks to the high absorption of charcoal, the carbon pores attract a maximum amount of impurities. 

What are you waiting for? Make charcoal your newest beauty ally! 

Which charcoal product should you absolutely include in your skincare routine?

The Black Scrub exfoliating mask: formulated with charcoal powder this is the ultimate Korean skincare superhero! Boasting superb mattifying properties, this dual-action mask both purifies and exfoliates. 



The first step in the Korean double cleansing method is oil-based cleansing

Black Cleansing Oil will leave your skin glowing and comforted.The silky texture transforms into a light emulsion upon contact with water, for a delicate but effective cleanse. The cleansing oil gently removes even stubborn waterproof makeup!

Tip: Apply to dry skin with circular movements, add water, and rinse. 


Cleansing Brush : A magic brush? Enriched with charcoal powder, the Cleansing Brush's hair cleans the face thoroughly and clears it of impurities. Combined with the Black Soap, it performs small miracles on the skin.

Charcoal Konjac Sponge: A must have for Koreans.This sponge is made with Konjac, an Asian plant known for its cleansing and purifying properties, and bamboo charcoal, renowned for its mattifying benefits. It gently exfoliates your skin and makes it visibly brighter.


No Korean skincare ritual is complete without a water-based cleanser. For this step, use Black Soap! Formulated with a cleansing base of extra gentle vegetable origin enriched with mother-of-pearl and charcoal, it leaves skin visibly clean and luminous.

TipEnhance the effect of the Black Soap by using the Cleansing Brush to apply in a circular motion.


Formulated with charcoal powder, Black Scrub is the ultimate Korean skincare superhero! Boasting superb mattifying properties, this dual-action mask both purifies and exfoliates. With its fresh gel texture, it helps to rid skin of impurities, eliminate dead cells and absorb excess sebum.

Tip: Leave a thin layer on dry skin for three minutes. Massage the face with wet hands and then rinse with water.


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