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Introducing Charmie Janee

We have teamed up with Charmie Janee one of the UK's most influential and inspiring beauty influencers on the block.

Blogger, vlogger and makeup extraordinaire – Charmie Janee creates skincare and makeup videos on Instagram and YouTube to inspire, delight and amaze! 

From tea bag cheek tints to dreamy minimal makeovers, she will brighten your morning and add a new product (or three) to your regime. 

 How did you discover Erborian? 

Through CC Crème reviews on YouTube and then I was recommended to try the Black Cleansing Oil and fell in love with the brand and products ever since!

What skin type do you have? 

Sensitive + Combination

Run us through your daily skincare regime? 

AM: Cleanse, moisturise, sun cream.

PM: Oil cleanse with Erborian Black Cleansing Oil (to remove makeup - my ULTIMATE must have in my cleansing routine! Can't live without this product), Gel cleanser (to rinse), Moisturise.

Give us your favourite piece of skincare/makeup advice?
Cleanse thoroughly! I do oil cleansing first and then follow up with a gel cleanse to make sure not a trace of makeup is left

What are your favourite three Erborian products? 

Erborian Black Cleansing Oil, CC Red Correct, Pink Perfect Cream

What do you like about them? 

Erborian Black Cleansing Oil: It removes every single bit of makeup, even tough mascaras! Every time I cleanse with this - it leaves no trace of makeup on my skin and it's super gentle on my sensitive skin. This is a holy grail for me!

CC Red Correct: I swear by this! I use it everyday under makeup or on its own, it's amazing for evening out my skin tone and I love the fact that it offers SPF. Another holy grail for my everyday makeup routine

Pink Perfect Crème: I loveee the blurry effect it gives my skin. This and CC Red Correct is my perfect combo for days when I don't really want to do a "full beat" makeup look

What would your skin hashtag be?

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