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Face serums

If you are looking for a full and efficient skincare ritual, then face serum is surely something you want to add to your daily routine. Face serums are super-concentrated treatments that can penetrate deeper into the skin, to smoothe wrinkles or conceal blemishes.

Face serum

You haven’t added a face serum to your skincare routine yet? It might be the perfect time to do so and take your natural beauty to the next level :)
Face serums are cosmetics that contain a higher concentration of active ingredients than typical facial moisturisers. Their light texture helps this larger amount of active molecules to penetrate the skin more easily.
That is why they are extremely powerful weapons for treating different kinds of skin issues ; they can nourish, protect, hydrate your skin, or even lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles … At Erborian there is a face serum for every need!
You want to protect your skin from environmental damage? Yuza Super Serum is made for you! This face serum is rich in vitamin C and C24 ceramides, essential for strengthening the skin’s natural barrier.
You would like to restore moisture and make your skin appear plumper? Try Bamboo Super Serum. It helps to improve the skin’s natural hydration and provides a feeling of comfort throughout the day.
To boost skin radiance, Red Pepper Super Serum will be your skincare routine's best friend! It reduces the appearance of dull skin and makes the face glow naturally. This face serum eliminates dead skin cells and helps to promote cell renewal.
Go back in time with our Ginseng Super Serum! Thanks to the smoothing and tightening effects of white ginseng complex and peptides, this face serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Still not sure about what a face serum is for and how to use it ? Read our article about the Benefits of face serum! The skin of your dreams is one step closer :)
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