Facial massage techniques and benefits: Facial massage techniques and benefits:

Facial massage techniques and benefits:

Treat yourself to a spa-level facial massage at home

Treat yourself to a spa-level facial massage at home

Confidence in our bare skin goes beyond our favourite skincare products. That’s right, it can take a little more than lotions and potions to change our perception of reality (yes, every skin is beautiful!), shield our face from environmental damage and turn back the clock. Healthy, glowing skin also lies in our lifestyle and… the way we use our hands. :)

Facial massage techniques are definitely what you need in order to address firmness as well as wrinkles effectively and make the cosmetics you use work even better.

From the benefits of facial massage to how to perform it, we are about to let you in on a little secret. Scroll down in order to learn more about it.

Facial massage benefits: reasons to do it

With undeniable benefits for the face and beneath the skin, there is no doubt facial massage techniques will become part of your night routine soon. 

These gentle moves stimulate blood flow, enhancing oxygen and nutrient circulation, helping remove daily toxins from your skin as well. A great way to make the most of the ingredients of your usual skincare product so that they are absorbed more easily.

Facial massage also stimulates collagen production (the most important protein for plump skin) and relieves tension from your face for an instant lift (that lasts when performed on a regular basis!); By exercising facial muscles, you keep them toned and tightened.

To get all the benefits of facial massage and reach a youthful and more radiant complexion, it’s time to grab your favourite facial oil. :)

Face massage oil: enhance the benefits of facial massage

First step of the Korean double cleansing method, oil-based cleansing is at the heart of the Korean skin care routine: it helps to melt and lift away oily particles that have built up during the day. A very gentle way to deeply cleanse without damaging the skin.
But oil can also be incorporated into your skincare regimen to improve skin hydration (locking in moisture) and strengthen its barrier function. Facial oil especially works its magic overnight since skin cell regeneration mechanism increases when you sleep.

Discover Skin Therapy, our lightweight multi-perfecting night facial oil, specially designed to adapt to all skin types: the power of 17 plant extracts combined that makes you feel more confident in your bare skin, in just one night. After one use, skin appears smoother, the complexion is more radiant. Day after day, skin texture is refined, wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced. With its two-phase formula, it envelops the skin without leaving any oily finish.

Now, to reap all the benefits of facial massage and your night oil, let’s focus on the moves. :)

Facial massage techniques: step by step guide

It’s practice time! Here is everything you need to know about facial massage techniques to get the most out of this final part of your night routine.

Important note: in order to make the most of these facial massage techniques always use firm but gentle pressure.

There’s nothing better than these facial massage techniques done on a daily basis to get smooth skin, boost its regeneration and make the ingredients of Skin Therapy penetrate and work their magic even moreso. With this multi-perfecting night oil and the right moves, say goodbye to signs of fatigue instantly and give your complexion a fresh and radiant look, with fewer imperfections, day after day. The perfect combination to make you feel confident in your bare skin, in just one night! :)