Flawless skin : how to cover spots and blemishes Flawless skin : how to cover spots and blemishes

Flawless skin : how to cover spots and blemishes

Our tips to conceal pimples and imperfections with makeup, step by step.

You’ve been strictly following your dermatologist’s recommendations for clear skin, from double cleansing to treating, and yet a breakout has come out of nowhere? Unfortunately, doing every step of your skin care routine right doesn’t mean pimples and blemishes can’t appear from time to time… There are many reasons that can easily trigger an acne breakout, such as stress, hormones, unhealthy diet, the sun, etc.
But don’t worry! In addition to your usual skin care routine, using makeup can be a great help to deal instantly with the visible struggle and to overcome social anxiety that acne can lead to. Here are our tips on how to cover spots and imperfections with makeup without it feeling caked on and getting the flawless skin you deserve. :)

Should you cover pimples, blemishes and spots with makeup?

When you have acne, wearing makeup is not a problem, as long as you don’t apply too much of the right product; using too much product can clog pores, which worsens breakouts. Some ingredients within makeup must be avoided: always choose cosmetics labelled as hypoallergenic or non-comedogenic. Learn more about how to choose the right BB cream or foundation for acne prone skin here.
Moreover, overcompensating to cover pimples can often make the situation look worse, making the imperfections more visible. Always apply makeup with a feather light touch to avoid irritating your skin. As long as you keep your tools clean, you are better off using a brush or a sponge than your fingers.

The first step to flawless skin : a cleansed face

Make sure to follow every step of your skin care routine for acne : the skin must be perfectly cleansed and moisturised before getting started.

How to cover spots, pimples and blemishes, step 1 :

Applying your makeup in the right order will not only help to protect your skin but will also ensure the makeup lasts. :) First of all, use a light layer of a concealer with a green undertone on your cyst or any red blemishes on your skin (green is the opposite of red on the colour wheel ; they cancel each other out!). Gently dab on breakouts to tone them down.
Packed with pigments, our CC Red Correct can easily correct redness to enhance your skin’s appearance. If this cream appears green at first glance, it will adapt perfectly to your skin-tone to reduce the appearance of blemishes. 

How to get flawless skin, step 2 :

Next move: the zits texture! The best thing to do here is to look for a buildable coverage face makeup that matches your skin exactly. 
Use foundation or BB cream all over your face in a tapping motion. Blend it out with a sponge to work the product into the skin and provide a natural looking finish.
Try Super BB, our boosted version of BB cream! This unique product provides more coverage than the original one and helps to clear acne-prone skin thanks to its formula enriched with Niacinamide.
Imperfections, redness and dark spots are both camouflaged perfectly and taken care of to get flawless skin.

For even more targeted action on blemishes and to get more coverage, add an extra step before applying Super BB: use Super BB Concealer directly on the specific areas you want to address. The flexible applicator adapts perfectly to both the curves of your face and small areas, making application precise and comfortable.
Also highly concentrated in Niacinamide, Super BB Concealer helps control shine on your face and reduce the appearance of blemishes (spots, redness, etc.) from the very first stage of their formation.

After waiting a few minutes for the makeup to set you can lightly dust your face with powder to give the skin a matte appearance.
At the end of the day, remove your makeup carefully before going to bed.