Ginseng Royal Massage Mask

Reference : 6AA10196
GINSENG ROYAL MASSAGE MASK is an "express" formula with a revitalising effect that draws its power from our precious Red Ginseng complex, made with an extract of 6-year-old Panax Ginseng, with smoothing and moisturising properties. A combination of technology and tradition, this instantly nourishing mask helps to provide a warming effect and a relaxing moment, while also helping to stimulate microcirculation thanks to the associated massage over the skin with circular movements. As it prepares the skin for your youthful skin ritual, GINSENG ROYAL MASSAGE MASK helps to:
1. Make skin feel firmer and more elastic
2. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
3. Moisturise and nourish
4. Reveal skin's radiance.

Once rinsed, the skin is rid of impurities and ready for the other skincare products. It looks smoothed and seems to immediately glow with youth.

Tested under dermatological supervision.
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Ginseng Royal Massage Mask   Ginseng Royal Massage Mask
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Ginseng Royal Massage Mask
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