Erborian has become one of the leaders in the BB and CC Cream categories. It continues to surprise you with its new innovation, a new hybrid product for perfect skin:

 Glow Crème

Subtle, smart and multi-purpose it "awakes" and illuminates the face with touches of flattering iridescent light

Discover our new multi-talented product inspired by the latest beauty trend in Korea: the GLOW 

When light means beauty

More than just a primer, Glow Crème truly wakes your skin up. 

It illuminates your face erasing signs of fatigue and leaving your skin radiant with a pearly glow.

Discover all the techniques to use this hybrid product below! 

4 iconic products for perfect skin

(Re)discover our 4 Iconic Erborian hybrids and create your very own flawless routine !

GLOW CRÈME for a holographic effect and a dew-kissed finish

PINK PERFECT CRÈME for a blur effect and tighten pores.

CC CRÈME for an even skin complexion.

BB CRÈME for a porcelain flawless finish.

One product and 3 ways to use it. Customise your Glow. 

"All over"...

For dry, tired, dull skin or any people in search of dewy luminous skin, Glow Crème can be used all over the face. 

Glow Crème is not an highlighter only. It is also a skincare that hydrates and even the skin for a radiant complexion.

You can use it as your daily moisturiser. Apply 4 pearls on the cheeks, the chin and the forehead. Mass from inside to outside. Et voila! 

You can also mix your Glow crème with your BB crème for a flawless complexion.

I create my own routine

As a highlighter

Any skin - including combination and oily ones - can use Glow Crème as a highlighter for natural beautiful complexion. 

Start with your regular beauty routine: moisturiser, CC Crème, BB Crème... 

Apply "light dots"  of your Glow Crème on the nose, the cheekbones, the arch of the eyebrows and on the top of cupid bow for a radiant and iridescent glow.  

I create my own routine
I create my own routine

As a makeup base

For dull tired skin with lack of radiance, Glow Crème is your best beauty ally allié beauté, the first step of your complexion makeup. 

Apply Glow Cream as a makeup base: 4 pearls over the fronthead, cheeks and chin. Diffuse it with your fingertips from the center of your face out toward the perimeter of your face. Its hydrating and smoothing benefits beautify your skin before makeup.

You can then apply  the CC Crème to even the complexion then the liquid BB for an ultimate glow!

I create my own routine


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