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What is it? Where does it come from?

Origins: Diospyros Kaki is a fruit produced by a fruit tree: the persimmon. 
It is native to Eastern China and is also cultivated in Korea, Japan and the Mediterranean Basin.

Collection: At Erborian, we get our supplies from Korea. 
The fruit matures in the fall, when it takes on a bright orange color. 
The active ingredients come from the Kaki leaf. 

Traditional Use in « Traditional Korean Medicine »:

An iconic fall fruit in Korea, the energizing Diospyros Kaki is eaten when very ripe.
 It is considered to regulate energy flow in the body and its vital force. 

It has numerous virtues, both medicinal and cosmetic. It is said to act on: 

- Hypertension, Coughs
- Energy 
 - The skin: tightens pores. 

A Vitamin-Rich Anecdote:

"The Kaki is the fall’s precious star antioxidant.

Made into a smoothie with a hint of orange and banana, it becomes an energizing, vitamin-rich ally during the entire season."


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