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What is it? Where does it come from?

Origins: Native to the Mediterranean Basin and South Asia.
Licorice is a plant with aromatic roots. 
The root’s sweet aroma earned it the nickname “Glycyrrhiza” from the ancient Greeks: “riza”, root and “glukos”, sugar.  

Collection: At Erborian, we get our supplies from Korea and China.
Our active ingredient is taken from the licorice root.

Traditional Use in « Traditional Korean Medicine » :

In China, licorice roots were thought to procure strength and endurance.

With its bittersweet taste, this root has been harvested since antiquity.

Traditionally its most common properties act on:
1. The liver and digestion.
2. Healing. 

Erborian's Anecdote

“Licorice is also a separate world in its own right. It has been known for so long and appeals to so many different palates
that it is available in incredibly varied forms: licorice sticks, candy, lozenges and more.”

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