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What is it? Where does it come from? 

Origins: The Yuzu is a fruit originally from Asia, more precisely China and Tibet, that was introduced to Korea under the Tang Dynasty (618-907). 
 It is alleged to be a natural hybrid between a wild mandarin and an Ichang lemon that grows on a spiny tree than can grow up to 4 meters tall. 

Collection: At Erborian, the Yuzu is cultivated on Jeju Island in Korea. 
We use the entire fruit to produce our extract and keep all its benefits. The fruit is harvested in the fall.

Use in the « Traditional Korean Medicine » :

Omnipresent in Korean Pharmacopeia, the vitamin-rich yuzu is used in various arts such as cooking and wellness.

It is said to have an action:

1. on improving blood circulation. 
2. as a detoxifying ingredient for the stomach. 

It is alleged to have antioxidant and radiance-boosting cosmetic qualities. 

Erborian's Anecdote

“In the Land of the Morning Calm, winters are harsh. I discovered the Yuzu on my travels in the middle of the cold season: an antioxidant fruit rich in vitamin C, this incredible ingredient is brimming with benefits."

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