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Little things you can do for a better skin!

Korean women dedicate anything from an hour to 90 minutes to caring for their skin, morning and evening.
They need that time for double cleansing, then to apply all the appropriate skincare products. And above all, they need time to perform the perfect, carefully studied techniques that will really pamper their skin!
In fact, Korean women have long rejected the "quickly and efficiently" approach to applying skincare products. To maximize benefits, they like to take their time… 
For Katalin Berenyi, co-founder of Erborian, it is essential to use these expert techniques when applying your skincare if you want to dramatically enhance the benefits of your products.Today we're going to let you into one of the many secrets to perfect Korean skin…

The basic rule:

Always start from the center and work outwards!

Whether you want to deeply purify your skin or apply your day/night cream, you should always massage your skin from the center of the face, working outwards:

- From the nose towards the ears, while smoothing the area below the eyes.  

- From the chin, working up to the ears, to define facial contours.  

- From the top of the eyebrows, working up over the forehead towards the hairline.  

- From the bottom of the chin to the base of the neck.

If you don't have much time, at least make sure you use circular movements with the fingertips, to massage the muscles and tissues below your skin. 

The basic rule:

Why use these techniques?

Massaging your face combines pleasure with performance, and before you know it, you'll find it's become an essential step in your routine! 

The benefits are numerous: 

- Stimulates microcirculation.

- Boosts lymphatic drainage, to encourage the release of toxins. 

- Oxygenates tissues.

When these massage techniques are used every day, they also help to firm and tone the skin – and combat wrinkles!


Why use these techniques?

Korean women have opted for a wide range of accessories to facilitate and improve the effectiveness of skin massages: 

Brushes for example or konjac sponges, to be used with your cleanser of the moment: massage the face with circular movements to deeply cleanse the skin while stimulating blood circulation. 

But also accessories for massaging the eye contour, such as the eye spatula: use its rounded tip with a cold effect to massage, refresh and relax the eye contour. 

And finally, the advice you won't be given: one of the techniques practiced by Korean women is to vigorously tap the face once their routine is over to improve blood circulation and firm the skin. 

A much gentler approach is to lightly tap the face with your fingertips, applying your lotion for example, to maximize the benefits!

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