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Smart Routine Smart Routine

Smart Routine

From an early age, Korean women are introduced to expert beauty rituals that have been passed down through their families for generations.

Erborian reinvents these sophisticated rituals to embellish the skin day after day with a Smart Routine in 3 simple step so that all women can reveal the best of their skin, simply and differently!


The Double Cleanse The Double Cleanse

The Double Cleanse

A crucial moment for Korean women is the double cleansing. In the morning and in the evening, impurities must be eliminated so that the skin is ready to receive treatments.

Double cleansing consists of two steps:

- Step 1 : Oil-based cleansing

- Step 2 : Water-base cleansing


The Power of Korean Plants

Each product range is created around a major ingredient from the Korean pharmacopoeia. It provides specific active ingredients to the skin and helps it maintain its balance.

Meet your skin's needs all year round with our complete range of serums, lotions and creams with targeted benefits.

The Power of Korean Plants The Power of Korean Plants

3. Finish

The Benefits of Hybrids! The Benefits of Hybrids!

The Benefits of Hybrids!

With hybrid products that always combine skincare and make-up, such as the iconic BB Cream and CC Cream, you can give your complexion an infinite number of treatments and a tailor-made finish.

Primers, tinted creams, concealers...

It's up to you to choose the combination that suits you to bring out the best in your skin!