Skin Rejuvenation Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation

It’s about time you made your skin feel and look younger!

We’ve all dreamt of stopping the clock and keeping our skin as plump and as radiant as at 20.

Well, even though we can’t turn back time, skin rejuvenation is nowadays within reach! Thanks to a solid skincare routine, including facial peels, it's only a matter of time to reduce premature skin ageing.

And don’t worry, no need to go to the dermatologist every month and spend all your money smoothing fine lines and keeping your complexion glowing. Here are some golden rules to help your skin age gracefully. :)

Daily routine for skin rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation starts with building a good daily skincare routine. No matter what, stick to these essential steps, every day, in the morning and at night:

-    Gently wash your face. Forget harsh cleansers and focus on a Korean style double cleansing that involves an oil based and a water based cleanser; one of the best ways of getting rid of any impurities, pollutants, makeup, dead skin cells and bacteria that clog pores and increase oxidative stress, factors in accelerating the ageing process.

-    When your skin is perfectly cleansed and more receptive, apply a smoothing lotion, such as Eau Ginseng, to moisturise skin immediately, revive radiance and boost the effect of the products that come next.

 Follow up with an anti-ageing face serum, such as our Ginseng Super Serum, that will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, delivering active molecules deep into the skin to improve its texture effectively. Don’t forget the eye area.

-   Then, to strengthen the skin’s barrier function, smooth on your anti-aging cream. It will also enhance the effects of the serum and help maintain hydration. For an instant tightening effect and visible long term results, try our Ginseng Infusion in the morning and Ginseng Infusion Night at night for a skin that feels rested on waking. For the skin around the eye, apply a cream specifically designed for this delicate area. To fight against signs of fatigue and make sure your eyes look full of energy use Ginseng Infusion Total Eye Cream.

-   Final touch in the morning: to prevent sun damage to your skin, always put on some sunscreen (before you start layering your makeup). 

Your weekly skin rejuvenation routine

If you think skin rejuvenation might take some more work, you are quite right indeed! To get the best at-home skin rejuvenation treatment, some extra steps are needed. Have no fear, nothing complicated here; in the end, it's only a matter of treating yourself with moments of pure relaxation. 

Once a week in the evening, light up your favourite scented candle and turn on a feel-good playlist so you are ready to perform your at-home facial like a pro.

A facial is a cleansing method that deeply purifies skin and boosts skin rejuvenation by activating skin cell turnover. Following the double cleansing, it involves face steaming that primes skin exfoliation.

-    Face steaming
When you are done with your usual double cleansing, fill a bowl with some hot water and stay above it (around 20cm from the water) for 5 or 10 minutes, with a soft towel draped over the back of your head. If you have dry, sensitive skin, limit this steam session to 2 or 3 minutes, once a month. This process is a great help in unclogging pores, softening all the dirt and dead skin cells that will be taken care of in the next step. 

-    Exfoliation
Now, let’s remove all these impurities the facial steamer process has allowed to release. Exfoliation is always a good way to do so, as well as improving skin texture. But you may need a little more than your usual scrub to look as young as you feel. 

At-home facial peels that contain exfoliating acids (hydroxy acids, ascorbic acid, etc.) are what is required to smooth wrinkles and improve complexion properly. Not only do these acids peel the skin gently, but they can also help stimulate collagen production, boost cell turnover and retain moisture. As time goes by, fine lines are reduced, skin looks firmer and complexion is more luminous.

Besides, it will also prepare your skin to get the most out of the ingredients of your anti-aging skincare products.

Thanks to a unique cocktail of hydroxy acids (AHA, BHA, PHA) and white Ginseng, our Skin Hero Peeling enhances the beauty of your bare skin in just 2 minutes, unifies your complexion and smooths fine lines use after use.

Important note: some exfoliating acids make the skin more sensitive to sunlight. Always put on sun protection when using exfoliating acids. Moreover, check the anti-aging skincare and makeup products you apply afterwards do not contain any exfoliating acids.

Pimp your skin rejuvenation treatment

We can never get enough tips to make our skin look plumper, firmer and more luminous. So, here are some extra skin rejuvenation hacks that you should try!

-    Once a week, after exfoliating, and just before putting on your lotion, serum and cream, give your skin an extra burst of active anti-aging molecules, with a smoothing and moisturing face mask.

-    In order to promote skin cell renewal and strengthen the skin’s barrier function, put a finishing touch to your every night skincare routine by massaging on your face a plant based facial oil loaded with antioxidants.

-    In the morning, if you want to achieve glowing skin without wearing makeup, use a skin perfector like our Skin Hero Cream; a hybrid non-tinted product that offers an immediate blurring effect while enhancing the skin texture day after day thanks to its enzymes that promote skin cell turnover. Moreover, the Korean White Ginseng Complex it contains brightens the skin and protects it from damaging free radicals.

Important note: don’t use Skin Hero Cream the day and the day after you use a facial peel with exfoliating acids (such as our Skin Hero Peeling) and don’t forget to wear your SPF, as exfoliant ingredients make the skin more sensitive to UV radiation.

One thing will never change… time flies! But, from now on, you know how not to let your skin remind you of it too much. :)