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Take care of your Eye Area

Your eyes have the power to charm and seduce – and there's nothing quite as irresistible as eyes that sparkle like the morning dew! But let's be realistic… When you have to juggle work with family commitments and a busy social life, your eyes are more likely to look dull and tired than fresh and sparkling.
That's why we'd like to give you a few simple tips to help you look after the skin around your eyes, and keep them bright and beautiful!


Whatever you do, don't forget the golden rule: always remove makeup before going to bed! Even if you're incredibly tired or staying with friends, don't leave your face and eye makeup on overnight. 

When it comes to removing makeup, maybe you're doing a few things wrong… For example, when faced with a stubborn mascara, you might think rubbing hard is the best way to get it off. But in fact, patience is key. Go slowly, go gently, and make sure you use the right kind of makeup remover too! 

Take a tip from Korean women and try oil-based cleansing. Oils will lift away mascara more easily and gently remove all traces of makeup. 



You know that a massage always makes you feel better. It's the same for your eye area. Now and again, massage from the inside corner of the eye, working outwards, then back in again. You can simply use your index fingers – or how about an accessory designed specifically for the purpose, such as an eye massage spatula?

Don't just apply your eye cream in the morning. It's also important to apply it before you go to bed, so the active ingredients can work deep down all night long, while you sleep. 

A little extra tip: if you want your eyes to feel really fresh immediately, try keeping your eye cream in the fridge! Not only will the thermal shock invigorate the eye area; it will also dramatically enhance the effects of your product. 

Once a week, use an eye mask. There are lots of under-eye patches out there to choose from. Pre-soaked with serum, they're incredibly rich in moisturizing ingredients and let you enjoy a relaxing moment – but without having to stay still all the time!  


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