The best foundation for acne prone skin? The best foundation for acne prone skin?

The best foundation for acne prone skin?

Have you considered BB Cream?

Finding the best foundation for acne-prone skin can seem a little tricky sometimes as it needs to both properly conceal any imperfections and be kind to the skin. As a matter of fact, good makeup for acne must be able to boost your confidence without triggering any new breakouts! Here is a little help to make sure you get the perfect match from your complexion products! From foundation to BB cream, let’s find out which formula will help even out your face without overloading it with things that would worsen blemishes and irritation.

Makeup for acne-prone skin: the right formula

You may know it is best not to smother your cysts, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t cosmetics that can find the right balance between your need to cover up imperfections and your skin’s health. 
However, using skin foundations meant for every skin may not bode well for acne-prone skin. Actually, this skin condition requires lightweight products that can give a nice flawless look while letting the skin breathe without dehydrating it.
Some BB creams can be a very good option: this lightweight balm can also offer a very good buildable coverage but without feeling caked on.

Whether you go for a BB cream or a foundation, pay attention to cosmetic labels to make sure pores will not be clogged up: always choose products that have the term "non-comedogenic". It’s also best to avoid drying ingredients such as alcohol: they can aggravate irritation. In short, anything heavy or comedogenic must be ruled out!
Finally, opt for tinted creams containing sun protection, more precisely the ones with mineral sun filters such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Not only can these ingredients protect your skin from sun damage effectively but they also have anti-inflammatory effects.

Browse for makeup specially designed for acne prone skin

Finding foundations or BB creams that tick all the boxes can be tough. Don’t worry, some of them are specifically designed for people prone to acne.
These are packed with skincare ingredients found in anti-acne products, such as niacinamide or salicylic acid.
In addition to the natural-looking finish they provide, they help clear blemishes and breakouts.
For example, our Super BB is a unique BB cream with more coverage than the original version and one that helps to visibly reduce imperfections and treat acne-prone skin thanks to its formula enriched with Niacinamide. Moreover, the combination of white Ginseng and fermented Ginseng flower can reveal a smoother and moisturised skin while 100% mineral sun filters protect and soothe it. 

Tips to apply makeup for acne prone skin

Ready to perfect your complexion? Make your pimples and scars disappear for the day, with our tips about  how to apply makeup when you have acne! Find everything you need to know to cover up a bad breakout all day long while protecting your skin. The best way to deal with the visible struggle and restore your confidence.