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Super City Protection !

From Paris to Seoul, we are like wonder women: always on the go with no time to rest.

Between pollution, sun, lack of sleep... our skin has to face a lot of environmental stressors.

That is why the skin needs two things: vitality and protection. 

Discover the Yuza Collection, your super city protection to keep up all day long!

YUZU : Strength and Protection

Yuzu is the fruit that sets the bar high! Its battered lemon look hides a fruit with super benefits.

Korean women include this vitality blast in their daily routine.

It helps protect us against free radicals and other external agressions. You go through the seasons with energetic and healthy skin.

Erborian harvests its Yuzu in Jeju, a sunny japanese volcanic island known as the paradise for citrus fruits.  In Jeju, Yuzu is considered as the king of the citrus fruits thanks to its protective and boosting benefits...


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